About TV Claim


TV Claim is an initiative from ConsumentenClaim. ConsumentenClaim has been conducting legal claims – together with its sister company Leaseproces – since 2004. With 50 employees and offices in Amsterdam and Zwolle, the company is the largest mass claims specialist in the Netherlands. ConsumentenClaim works on a “no cure, no pay” basis. Clients are only required to pay if they are successful in their claim. Many thousands of victims have now received justice via settlements and legal proceedings conducted by ConsumentenClaim.

Our mission

The consumer is effectively powerless without access to the law. We offer victims the possibility of having their loss recompensed on a “no cure, no pay” basis. While financial firms and multi-national companies regularly misuse their positions of power and break consumer trust on a large scale, consumers often reject individual legal action because the amount to be recouped would be less than the legal cost of recovery, or simply because the complexities of legal action are too daunting. This problem is effectively addressed in a “no cure no pay” class action.